QUIZ – Canola Digest November 2022 edition

Canola Digest magazine’s latest edition has a farmer panel on marketing, an Agronomy Insight case study on variable-rate fertilizer and updates from the provincial canola grower organizations. It also has articles with lots more information on the topics described in these three questions.

1. The article “Squeezing oil from seeds” describes the common oil extraction processes for each major oil crop. Canola processors use a two step process: mechanical pressing and solvent extraction. Step one, mechanical pressing, removes what percentage of the oil from canola seeds?
2. The article "Canola market snapshot" provides a global oilseed production estimate from the United States Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).  FAS's estimate for 2021 global oilseed production was 602.2 million tonnes. What is its September estimate for 2022 production?
3. The article "The ROI for 4R" describes scenarios where applying fertilizer following the principles of right source at the right rate, right time and right place (the four "R"s) can improve profitability. It includes this sentence, taken from a Fertilizer Canada and Canola Council of Canada report: "A yield response will only occur if crops are nitrogen limited and the ______ results in more nitrogen available to the crop compared to a conventional nitrogen product.” Fill in the blank.