QUIZ – Storage risks

1. Canola Watch had a reader question a few years ago asking if chlorophyll content (green) in canola seeds will diminish in the bin. What is the answer?
2. Under what scenario can green content in canola seeds be reduced after swathing (and before combining)? 
3. Concentrated areas of chaff can be a start point for spoilage, even in a bin where the seeds test dry.The risk from high-moisture dockage tends to be higher in what situation?
4. Canola binned hot can spoil even if moisture is 10% or “dry”. What is the recommended safe maximum temperature for long-term storage? 
5. In a new Canola Digest article called Flatten the peak for better airflow, Chandra Singh, senior research chair in agricultural engineering and technology at Lethbridge College, says his research showed airflow rates through grain along the sides of bins were ____________ than airflow rates closer to the centre where grain depth is greater. (Fill in the blank.)


Five questions on storage risks for 2022 canola, including green seed, hot harvest days, harvest method and airflow.