CANOLA QUIZ – Preparation for 2022

Six true or false questions that will help with fall field activities and planning for 2022. Also a survey question about canola performance in challenging conditions.

1. Saline patches are unproductive because they have no nutrients.
2. Fall rainfall will basically eliminate the risk of herbicide carryover.
3. Fall tillage will reduce soil moisture next spring.
4. Fall stem counts can help improve the return on investment for seed.
5. If a field's dominant blackleg race contains Avrlm3, you should choose a hybrid that contains a blackleg gene from resistance group “A”.
6. A composite sample for each field will help with zone-specific applications of fertilizer.
7. SURVEY QUESTION. This year proved again that canola yields are highly dependent on the weather. We’re gathering field-proven ideas on how to improve yield results under any conditions, including excess heat and limited moisture. What do you think the canola industry needs to do to improve our national yield average and make canola more resilient, so it can produce a decent yield under any stress?

We will share these ideas with researchers and specialists and put together a list to share in Canola Watch, describing “what works” and “what needs more research”.