CANOLA QUIZ – Flea beetles

Five questions on flea beetles – including their characteristics and management steps. Click submit to see how you compare to your peers and, more importantly, to get the detailed agronomy information in the answers.

striped flea beetles

1. Flea beetles' favourite weather conditions are....
2. The "action" threshold for flea beetle spraying is when an average of 25% of leaf area has been lost to feeding, and flea beetles are still active in the field. With good conditions, leaf area loss could escalate to 50% within a day. True or false?
3. Which of the following situations can increase the economic risk from flea beetles?
4. All seed treatments are the same when it comes to flea beetle protection.
5. If flea beetles are at spray thresholds, one option is to add insecticide into the herbicide tank mix. This could present efficacy issues. Why?