CANOLA QUIZ – Seed depth and more

This week's quiz kicks off with an interesting take on ideal seed depth.

1. For fields not seeded... You know that the recommended seeding depth for canola is 1/2” to 1”. For a fun comparison, what seeding depth does McKenzie Seeds (a garden seed company established in Brandon, Manitoba in 1896) recommend for rutabaga, which is the EXACT SAME species as canola – Brassica napus? 

2. For fields not seeded... You spot kochia seedlings (and a bunch of other weeds) in a field that will be seeded next week to canola. You decide to give the field a pre-seed burnoff. What should you use?
3. For fields already seeded... In last week's quiz, you learned that redbacked and pale western cutworms both tend to prefer dry soils. When scouting for cutworms in dry soils, what might you have to do to find them?
4. For fields already seeded... Flea beetles have only one generation per year in Canada, so the ones that survive the winter are the only ones that can feed on emerging canola crops. True or false?