Map of the Week – Bertha armyworm counts

Saskatchewan bertha army worm trap count results, as of July 11. A few potential hotspot are showing up.

Alberta’s bertha map indicates a few spots with counts in the medium risk range and one at high risk so far.

Links to the provincial bertha armyworm trap count pages:
Manitoba. Manitoba has one location at Tilston (southwest corner) in the moderate risk range, and a few in the uncertain risk range. Find the latest Manitoba updates here.

Scott Meers with Alberta Agriculture provides the following information on how to interpret bertha trap results:

“When an area starts to get a mixture of traps near 300 moths, some over 300 and the odd one even over 900 moths, then we are into potential outbreak territory. … It means we need to be scouting canola fields in the vicinity of the elevated trap catches.” Read Scott’s full report.

Further reading:

Thresholds and scouting. Canola Encyclopedia section on bertha armyworm