Keep it Clean: 2018 products of concern

The first step in getting your canola ready for export is to “Use acceptable pesticides only”. 
Only apply pesticides that (1) are registered for use on canola in Canada and (2) won’t create trade concerns. Registration of a pesticide doesn’t guarantee that it is acceptable to export customers. One challenge is that registration can pre-date the establishment of maximum residue limits (MRLs) in major export markets, and in some cases this can create a market risk. Talk with your grain buyer before you spray to ensure the pesticides you’re using are acceptable to your customers.
While quinclorac is still on the “Do not use” list for canola, there is a 2018 update: A proposed international maximum residue limit (MRL) for quinclorac on canola will be considered by the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues during its meeting from April 9-14, 2018. Following this meeting when the proposed MRL may be adopted, the Canola Council will ask processors and exporters to confirm how they will proceed. This may result in the acceptance of canola treated with quinclorac for all registered use patterns in 2018. Please check back here after April 23 for an update on the 2018 status of quinclorac.
2018 products of concern for canola:
Quinclorac (e.g. Accord, Clever, Facet and Masterline Quinclorac) – do not use.
Potential for change; visit after April 23 for status update.
Metconazole (e.g. Quash) – treated canola not accepted by all grain buyers.
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