Keep It Clean: Pesticide messages for 2017

Canada’s reputation as a leader in high quality grain relies on growers following best practices with pesticides. Even the smallest amount of unacceptable residue can put future business at risk.

Follow these tips to avoid unacceptable residues:

1. Use acceptable pesticides only. Only use products that are registered for your crop and won’t cause concerns for customers.
2. Use pesticides correctly. Consult the label for proper rates and timing.

Products of concern for canola for 2017:

Do not use: quinclorac (e.g. Accord, Clever, Masterline Quinclorac), fluazifop-p-butyl (e.g. Venture L) or vinclozolin (e.g. Ronilan)
Caution – Treated crop could create marketing concerns: metconazole (e.g. Quash)

For details on Keep It Clean messages for canola, pulses and cereals, visit or contact your grain buyer.