Clubroot BMPs for agronomists

Booties small

Agronomists and other staff traveling from field to field are encouraged to use the following best management practices (BMPs) to avoid spreading clubroot-infested soil.

1. Park on the road or in a grassed approach. Avoid driving into the field as soil will collect on vehicle tires.

2. Wear plastic or Tyvek disposable booties (shown) over existing footwear whenever possible. On exit from the field, put used booties into a sealed bag and place the bag inside the vehicle. Dispose booties in domestic garbage or burn them. These booties should never be reused. Booties are available anywhere you source safety equipment.

3. Rubber boots worn without booties must be cleaned before leaving the field. Scrape boots clean in the field, removing as much soil and debris as possible. Boots must then be washed (washing can be done in a 20L pail or a Rubbermaid type container with lid) and disinfected before the next field visit. Be sure to dispose of the water in the field whenever possible. Disinfect rubber boots with a 1% bleach solution at home (1:10 ratio, as in 1 parts bleach to 10 parts water). Soak your boots for at least 20 minutes in order for the sanitation process to be effective.

If using rubber boots without booties, have a few pairs on hand so you always have a disinfected pair for the next field visit. Disinfect them all each evening when you have more time.