Issues of the week

Lygus counts and bertha armyworm counts are up this week. Saskatchewan and Manitoba growers are encouraged to scout for lygus this year. Lygus has been reported in most areas of Saskatchewan and some parts of Manitoba, as well as in Alberta where lygus tends to be a regular pest.

For growers with crop ready to swath, keep in mind that swathing in hot weather can lock in green counts. When harvest starts in peak summer, avoid swathing prior to sufficient seed colour change and swath in evenings or on days with a little rain for better quality.

It’s a bad year for disease. We have articles this week on blackleg and how to tell it from sclerotinia. You may also notice aster yellows in canola. Nothing can be done about aster yellows, and growers can expect yield loss in fields with 5% or more plants infected. Click here to read last week’s article.