Issues of the week

Weed control remains top of mind. Without good weed control, all other inputs — including fertilizer and top quality hybrids — cannot achieve the return on investment expected of them. We have tips this week on weed control in cool conditions.

Continue to check for flea beetles. Crucifer populations are starting to peak  — they always emerge later than striped — and unless your crop is at the four-leaf stage, it’s still at risk of economic flea beetle damage. While out scouting, check for any other potential insects. No broad outbreak of any insect has been reported, but many insect pests have reached damaging levels in certain locations.

Some canola crops woke up to snow earlier this week. The crop should recover from snow, and snow can actually act like an insulating blanket if snow is accompanied by heavy frost. Locations with standing water will find this waterlogging more damaging than snow.