High oil, high green = higher heating risk

Large-sized canola seed and canola seed that filled during cool and moist conditions may have higher oil content than usual. This changes the safe storage dynamic.

Research is currently looking into the effect of higher oil content on stored canola under western Canadian conditions. However, based on research from other countries like Australia, it is estimated that for every 1.0 percentage point increase in oil content, canola should have 0.1 percentage points lower moisture for safe long-term storage. For example, if canola with 40% oil is safe at 8.5% moisture, then canola with 45% oil should be stored at 8% moisture. This assumes the temperature for each is below 15 C and stable.

High green will also increase the storage risk, even if the canola is dry and cool. The safest bet is to deliver sooner than later. If that is not an option, proper conditioning and frequent monitoring for heating and spoilage are crucial until it can be delivered.

Keep the fans on for all canola. No matter the oil content, green count or moisture level, keep canola on aeration until bin core temperatures have dropped to less than 15 C and are stable. If the bin doesn’t have aeration, monitor the canola closely and be prepared to rotate grain every couple weeks. Click here for more on this topic.