Insect update

A few late fields are still under threat. Bertha armyworm is at threshold levels in a few late fields in central Peace and western Saskatchewan regions.

Lygus bug feeding continues in parts of Saskatchewan and around Dauphin, Manitoba. Before spraying, check to make sure they’re actually feeding (lygus cannot penetrate mature leathery pods) and that the crop is more than a week from swathing. Among registered foliar insecticides the shortest pre-harvest interval available is 7 days.

Some Manitoba growers are also reporting high levels of flea beetles. As harvest progresses, flea beetles tend to concentrate in the latest fields. Damage at this stage is usually limited to surface stripping of stems and pods with minimal impact on yield, but these adults carry over into spring. If you see high numbers in the fall make a note to watch closely for seedling damage in nearby fields as your canola emerges next spring.