Les Hill’s 8 tips to reduce combine losses

Les Hill is the manager of technical services and business development for PAMI in Humboldt, Sask. He led off the Combine Clinic with a presentation on general tips to improve combine performance and reduce harvest losses.

His 8 tips:

  1. Feed canola as uniformly as possible into the combine.
  2. Avoid over-threshing.
  3. Don’t assume canola separates easily
  4. Initial settings: Adjust fan speed to the point where seed is just beginning to blow over.
  5. Initial settings: Open chaffer and sieve settings as wide as you can tolerate.
  6. Measure the actual loss out the back of each combine.
  7. Travel at speeds that match a level of acceptable loss.
  8. Machine losses should be less than 2%, hopefully 1%.

Click here for the video that expands on these tips.
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