QUIZ: Crop establishment

Three quick questions on weeds and insects to get you primed for uniform and vigorous canola crop emergence. Find more good info, including on flea beetles, target stands and more, in the Plant Establishment section here.


Herbicide carryover is always a risk after a dry year. Canola is particularly susceptible to Group 2 herbicides that remain in the soil. How long should a farm wait to grow non-Clearfield canola on a field after an application of the Group 2 product Odyssey Ultra Q (actives imazamox and imazethapyr)?


Scenarios that require multiple in-season foliar sprays to manage flea beetles in canola are often the result of what, according to a Canola Watch Fundamentals article?


According to results from an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada study completed in 2013, which of the following four inputs was the most important for canola yield? (They’re all important, but which is the most?)