Canola Watch 2023 exam – Section 2 – Diseases, Weeds & Insects

The Canola Watch 2023 annual exam for Certified Crop Advisors and Certified Crop Science Consultants (and anyone else who wants to enhance their agronomy skills) has five sections:

  • Soil & Water (1.0 CCA credit in soil and water management)
  • Diseases, Weeds and Insects (1.0 CCA credit in integrated pest management)
  • Canola Watch Fundamentals (0.5 CCA credit in integrated pest management and 0.5 CCA credit in crop management)
  • Agronomy tips from new canola multi-media (1.0 CCA credit in crop management)
  • Canola Digest Science 2023 (0.5 CCA credit in integrated pest management and 0.5 CCA credit in nutrient management)

Find them all here.

Customize the exam based on credits you need. Credits will apply in either 2023 or 2024, depending on when you pass each section. For those who pass, Canola Watch will submit names and program ID numbers to the program to have the credits counted.

For questions or additional information on this exam, please contact Jay Whetter at 807-466-3025 or

Section 2. Diseases, Weeds & Insects

This section has 10 questions on canola pest management, including agronomy tips for glyphosate-resistant kochia, blackleg, verticillium stripe and grasshoppers. People taking this section will learn about pest management issues that arose in canola in Western Canada in 2023, and find various resources to help them provide management advice to farmers in the future. Answers will be found in Canola Council of Canada agronomy content from 2023, including Canola Watch, Canola Digest and other sources.

Achieve a minimum score of 70 per cent (7 out of 10) to receive 1 continuing education credit (CEU) for Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) or Certified Crop Science Consultants (CCSC).

Specific credits for CCAs: 1.0 in integrated pest management.

CCA tracking number SS 57910.

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