QUIZ – Seed traits

Canola cultivar planning begins at harvest with assessments of disease, harvestability, yield and other factors that influence performance. Farmers also still have time to check cultivar comparison plots to look for a couple of new choices for next year. Here are four questions to get farmers and agronomists primed for pre-harvest scouting, harvest planning and seed decisions for 2023. 

1. A scenario: A farm collects blackleg stem samples during its pre-harvest disease survey and sends them in for race ID testing. Results come back with these results. (See below.) Canola cultivars with what resistance group (RG) should the farm look for the next time it grows canola on that field? (There are two correct answers. 0.5 point for each.)
2. Under which of the following scenarios should a farm rotate to a different source of clubroot resistance?
3. A scenario: A farm is making harvest plans for a cultivar advertised as having increased pod shatter tolerance, but the cultivar does not post a pod shatter rating based on the new ratings scale. Should the farm straight combine or swath that cultivar? 
4. A scenario: A farm grew Roundup Ready canola and found this in the middle of the field. Why might the farm want to use Liberty Link the next time canola goes on that field? 


A take home message from this quiz: Keep good notes because you’ll need them three years from now when making canola seed decisions on those fields. Choose the right cultivar for each field