QUIZ – flea beetles

Three questions – one on thresholds, one on spray efficacy and one on the amazing world of insects.

1. Step 1 in The flea beetle spray decision: 8 steps is to know the spray threshold. The action threshold for flea beetles in canola crops in Canada is an average leaf area loss of 25 per cent or more. Step 1 in the article describes two situations where the threshold could be lowered somewhat. Select the correct two. (0.5 point for each correct selection.)
2. An obvious way to improve spray results is to use pesticides registered for flea beetles in canola. Registered insecticides will show better results when used in weather conditions that favour high efficacy. For example, the label for Decis says “DO NOT spray under a strong temperature inversion, or when temperature exceeds ___°C as this will result in a reduction in control.” (Fill in the blank.)
3. AAFC insect specialist Tyler Wist @TylerWist1 posted this photo on Twitter. Why is this tiny wasp noteworthy?