QUIZ – Canola Digest highlights

The March 2021 issue of Canola Digest is full of good content. You can read it all online at canoladigest.ca. These next four questions provide a few quick highlights.

1. In the farmer panel on How do you follow 4R nutrient management?, the farmer from New Norway, Alberta describes why he uses one particular enhanced efficiency fertilizer. Which is it?
2. The article Science Highlights from Canola Week 2021 includes a section titled “The worst drought on record”. Which year had the worst drought on record for the Canadian Prairies?
3. The article on renewable diesel notes that current canola use in North American biofuel production represents around 1.8 million tonnes of seed. Chris Vervaet, executive director of the Canadian Oilseed Processors Association (COPA), estimates this number could be ___ million tonnes by 2030. Fill in the blank.
4. The Agronomy Insights article, Agronomy Tips from the Canola Watch Webinars, includes this quote: “Just because you believe something about ______________________ today, it might not necessarily be true two years or five years from now, so try to stay on top of the research and new extension messaging and try to use that in your hybrid decision making.” Fill in the blank.