CANOLA QUIZ – Yield Robbers 2021

The October 6 Canola Watch included a yield robbers survey. We had 155 participants from across the Prairies. This quiz is based on survey results.

1. In our Yield Robbers survey, launched in the October Canola Watch, we asked participants to rank the 2021 canola yield robbers based on their experience. "Low moisture" and "Extreme heat at flowering" were No.1 and No.2, as one might expect. Which of the following ranked third?
2. The survey asked this open-ended question: "What agronomic decisions/practices possibly made the 2021 drought impacts more severe, from your experience and observations?" The most common answer fell into which category?
3. When asked, "What changes (if any) are you planning for 2022 based on the 2021 growing season?", which of the following scored highest?