CANOLA QUIZ – Sprays between now and harvest

Harvest is approaching quickly with dry conditions in many parts of the Prairies. That means the timing is right for a reminder about pre-harvest intervals. This short quiz provides a few tips and handy resources.

1. Every product has its own pre-harvest interval and sometimes those intervals are different for specific crops. For example, the pre-harvest interval for Decis (deltamethrin) is 40 days for wheat and 31 days for oats. What is the Decis pre-harvest interval for canola?
2. It is OK to use a product off label – as long as it works.
3. If using glyphosate pre-harvest on canola, seed moisture must be less than 30 per cent. (You don’t want to apply too early.) What does Keep It Clean say is a good way to estimate 30 per cent seed moisture for canola?