Canola Watch quiz – Clubroot VIDEO

The following questions are based on information in this video, “Clubroot in Canola”. If the embedded version doesn’t work, click here.

1. In the video, Victor Manolii says researchers in Western Canada have found _____ new virulent clubroot pathotypes. (Fill in the blank.)
2. Because clubroot spores are so tiny, anything that brings even a small amount of soil into a field can be a vector for disease. Of the vectors listed in the video, which one presents the greatest risk for spreading clubroot spores?
3. As described in the video, what is the first step to manage a small patch of clubroot?
4. The breakdown of resistance to clubroot is happening, and especially with these two factors. (Choose the correct two.)
5. Host weeds can also form galls that increase spore load in a field. These weeds need to be controlled as part of spore management. Host weeds include stinkweed, shepherd's purse, flixweed, mustard and, of course, ________________. (Fill in the blank.)