Tell us about your disfigured canola

If you saw any unexplained canola disfigurement this summer, we want to know!

Symptoms of interest have been observed from late June to August and include stems failing to elongate, dead/disfigured growing points, disfigured/crinkly leaves, disfigured flowers/pods, pod abortion, twisted/corkscrewed stems. (See the photos below for examples.) These symptoms may occur at a low incidence (a few plants scattered throughout a field) but they have also been found affecting the vast majority of plants in at least one canola field.

The Canola Council of Canada is working with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and the provincial agriculture ministries to better understand these symptoms and their impact on canola production. Samples from the field where these photos were taken have tested positive for phytoplasma and AAFC researchers are in the process of confirming more details.

Please send CCC Agronomy Specialist Autumn Barnes ( details including location, distribution of symptoms/pattern and photos.