Connect with us at Ag In Motion

This year’s Ag In Motion, Western Canada’s Outdoor Farm Expo held northwest of Saskatoon on July 17-19, will provide several opportunities for growers, agronomists and CCC staff to connect. Here are a few examples:

–Agronomy specialist and harvest management lead Angela Brackenreed will launch the new combine optimization tool in the Knowledge Tent on Tuesday at 9:30am with a second presentation by PAMI on Thursday at 2:00pm.
–Agronomy specialist Nicole Philp will review seeding rate demo plots and discuss optimum plant populations at the SaskCanola booth. Nicole will also talk about the canola calculator (plant count hoops will be there to try plant counts in the plots), blackleg clipping and R-gene labels,, clubroot and combine optimization tools. PAMI will be at the plots each morning as well to discuss straight cutting and storage.
–The CCC will join program partner Cereals Canada at the Keep It Clean booth. Pick up your own Keep it Clean pocket guide.