Canola Watch quiz: CPT seed decision tool

The team that brings you the Canola Performance Trials has released a new booklet that compiles data from 2011 to 2016. This quiz provides a good introduction to that useful seed-decision resource.

1. Who funded the 2017 Canola Performance Trials (CPTs)?
2. How many provincial oilseed specialists are involved in the CPT Technical Committee?
3. Which of the following is NOT important to a quality dataset?
4. How many sites are required to determine a significant difference of 2 bu./ac. in a canola variety trial with 4 replications?
5. What is the average summer (June-August) temperature in Saskatoon, according to Environment Canada’s climate map featured in the new Canola Variety Selection Guide?
6. Time for a question on results... In the graph showing "Average yields of varieties in field scale trials" on page 21 of the Canola Variety Selection Guide, which variety had the most number of sites considered?
7. Canola Watch is mentioned in the new Canola Variety Selection Guide. True or false?