Canola Watch quiz: Swath timing

What do you know about seed colour change and canola swath timing? Take our quiz to test your skills.

1. Swathing canola at 60% or more seed colour change (SCC) is usually better for yield than swathing earlier. SCC recommendations are often based on main stem assessment, but at low plant populations, more yield will come from side branches. Even if the main stem is at 60% SCC, you will want to make sure most side-branch seeds are firm before cutting. At 3 plants per square foot, approximately what percentage of seeds will come from side branches?
2. Is pod colour an indicator of seed colour change?
3. Can seeds be physiologically mature but still green?
4. Approximately how long does it take a canola crop to go from 30% SCC to 60% SCC on the main stem?