Census of Agriculture: Online option

Farmers are encouraged to complete their Census of Agriculture questionnaire in early May. It takes on average 30-50 minutes and is easier and faster when done online. To complete the census online, visit www.census.gc.ca  

With the online option, use the “Start and Finish later” button on the bottom left hand corner if the census can’t be completed all at once. This button will prompt the respondent to provide a password. When resuming the questionnaire, enter the Secure access code (SAC) and the password.

Watch a YouTube video directed at busy farmers. It explains how to complete the questionnaire online:

How does the census benefit farmers?

—The Census of Agriculture, which takes place every five years, helps farmers tell Canadians the who, what, where and how of food production.
—The data are captured at the local level and help decision-makers understand the state of agriculture in the region and develop policies and programs to help farm operators, farm communities and agricultural operations.
—Regional, provincial and federal government policy advisors use the data to help develop farm support programs and to evaluate the impact of natural disasters such as floods, droughts and storms on the agriculture sector. This improves the potential for quick reaction when a natural disaster does occur.
—The census identifies trends and delivers factual information on emerging issues, opportunities and challenges within the agricultural community.
—Most questions are identical to previous censuses and cover a wide range of topics such as land use, crops, livestock, agricultural labour, machinery and equipment, land management practices and farm finances. This continuity is important when it comes to tracking long-term trends in the industry and meeting the ongoing information needs of agriculture associations.

Even though it’s planting season, the census is shorter and easier to complete this time and can be done even faster online at www.census.gc.ca.