May 21 Quiz — Reseeding

Sickly seedling Brackenreed small

Frost, wind, cold soils and in some cases excess moisture have reduced canola stands. Some growers are thinking about reseeding. This week’s quiz provides some background to help with the decision.

1. How many living plants per square foot are generally viewed as the minimum before reseeding should be considered?
2. Three of the following improve the economics of reseeding a crop. One does not. Select the statement that is not likely to improve the economics of a reseeded canola crop.
3. It's mid to late May. Frost has wiped out a large percentage of the seedlings in an early-seeded canola crop. It looks like only 2 plants per square foot have survived, but it's hard to tell how many of the dead looking plants are actually dead. And other seeds may still emerge. Given what you know about reseeding benefits through the seed company and crop insurance, and what you know about the yield potential of a crop with 2 plants per square foot, what do you do?
4. If you have a minute, would you explain why you chose your answer to question 3?