Reasons for high green

Green seed small

Green seed will be a downgrade factor on some fields this year. Those at highest risk tend to be later crops that still had a lot of immature seeds when cold frosts hit two weeks ago. Green that results from a killing frost is locked in, and will not clear no matter how long it cures.

Rapid drydown due to hot weather can also result in high green seed. In this case, green-clearing enzymes can restart, but seed moisture has to get back up to 20%. This will require a few days of rain and humidity, and continued warm weather.

Growers with high green canola will want to roll out a few samples. Green seed coat is not a reliable indicator of green insides. Some varieties tend to have a greener-looking seed coat but seeds are often yellow inside. Have the elevator test for green. They may evaluate differently, or may have blending opportunities that help you get a better price than expected.

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