Four the week

It’s complicated. We’ve said over and over to swath when the main stem reaches 60% seed colour change, and when seeds on side branches are “firm to roll” as shown in the video above. But the decision when to swath is often much more difficult — especially with the advancing calendar, disease pressure and lodging.

Straight goods. Straight combining canola is a viable option on many farms, and more growers seem willing to give it a try. The best most uniform fields provide the greatest chance for success.

One man’s treasure… Effective and sustainable zero tillage and direct seeding systems depend on good residue spreading in the fall. Without that, seed placement becomes a challenge and residue becomes “trash” all over again.

Think ahead. Fall isn’t just about harvest. It’s also about gathering information and prepping fields to increase the odds of success next year. See our top 10 considerations.