Issues of the week

It’s true, early seeded canola does tend to produce higher yields, but that performance edge depends on good seed placement and stand establishment. Mudding in or broadcasting just to seed early can negate this yield benefit if it leads to poor crop establishment. So don’t panic. Yield potential generally remains high until after mid May and does not drop significantly until late May or early June.

While waiting, growers have a number of jobs they could do to prepare for an efficient seeding operation. Check all fields. If growers have any fields dry enough to support seeding equipment, set aside the original seeding plan and seed the dry fields first. If stubble fields are too slick or residue is too damp for effective seeding in the morning, try them again in the afternoon.

Finally, this is the “kick off” issue for our weekly Canola Watch schedule for the 2011 growing season. Along with a new look, we are improving our Canola Watch mailing list and we invite all Canola Watch readers to resubscribe to our new updated version.