The export effect: your spraying choice now may affect your worldwide market tomorrow

Insects or disease may only have minor impacts on your yield at first, but spraying for them at the wrong time can have huge impacts on viable international markets by the end of the season. The canola industry works hard to keep a competitive, stable and open trade environment for canola and build strong relationships with customers around the world because international customers love clean Canadian canola. Make sure you help keep it clean by:

  • Respecting Pre-Harvest Intervals (PHIs)
  • Only using pesticides registered for use on canola
  • Following canola storage recommendations
  • Planting only R (resistant) or MR (moderately resistant) rated canola varieties
  • Not growing de-registered varieties

Growers work hard all season to produce a high-quality product, don’t let one wrong decision at the end of the season override all that hard work. Read about the markets your canola is sold into.

Key countries that buy Canadian canola:
countries that buy canola