Need more bin space?

bin in river

With a bumper harvest predicted for many areas, bin space will be at a premium. Not all canola will be able to go on aeration right away. And not all canola will be going into bins originally planned for canola.

Immediate aeration is recommended for canola to condition the grain — lowering the temperature and evening out moisture. Canola not on aeration should be watched regularly. Move the grain to a bin with aeration as soon as possible. (See the Canola Encyclopedia for more on storage and aeration.)

No malathion. Make sure canola goes into bins that HAVE NOT been treated with malathion for storage insects. Many of Canada’s key canola markets test for malathion residue on seed, so canola cannot be treated as it goes into a bin, and it cannot go into a bin that was treated with malathion in the past 6 months. (Link to Export Ready:

Bags. Grain storage bags are a clean alternative, and can keep canola safe for a couple months at least.

Storage on the ground. If canola has to go into a ring on the ground, seal the bottom and the top to keep out moisture and make clean up easier.

Fan horsepower. Canola has greater density than cereals, and therefore needs more fan horsepower to do a proper aeration job. For example, a 2,000-bushel hopper bottom bin may require only a 3-hp fan for wheat but will need a 5-hp fan to effectively condition canola.