What’s needed to re-activate green-clearing enzyme?

Green seed small

Cutting canola hot can lead to fast dry down, which can trap green in the seeds. If canola green counts are still high (No.1 canola requires 2% or less) and seed moisture levels have dropped below 10%, further green clearing is unlikely…unless conditions change.

Canola seed moisture needs to get back up to 20% with temperatures remaining at 15°C or warmer for chlorophyll-clearing enzymes to restart and produce significant curing. An inch of rain will not lift canola at 7-8% moisture anywhere close to 20%. Several days of heavy dew, high humidity and additional rain events may be required.

There should still be a few good harvest weeks left, so there is time to wait. Green won’t clear in the bin, so leaving canola out is the only chance if you want to lower the amount of green seeds.

If green counts are high and seed moisture is also high, the crop may still be curing. The curing process is all about clearing green and drying down the crop.

Click here for more help in the decision whether to delay harvest while waiting for green to clear.

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