Clubroot lookalikes

The easiest time to scout for clubroot galls is late in the season, approximately two weeks before swathing, when galls are still white and firm. Growers across the Prairies are encouraged to dig up plants in field entryways to look for clubroot galls on roots, and to dig up plants showing premature ripening. This will help with early identification of clubroot, which is important in containing the disease.

Some fields are already showing a lot of gall growth, probably because the wet spring promoted early infection. These galls are most likely clubroot, especially if the fields are in known clubroot hot zones. However, not ALL root galls are clubroot.

Galls could also be:

Hybridization nodules

Hybridization nodules 2

Hybridization nodules

Group 2 (phenoxy) herbicide damage

Phenoxy damage as clubroot lookalike

If galls are found in fields not known to have clubroot, growers can send away galls for testing to confirm.

Try the Canola Diagnostic Tool for help figuring out any disease mysteries.