Biologicial fungicide: Serenade use tips

Serenade is a biological fungicide approved to manage sclerotinia stem rot in canola. Serenade’s key active for fungal disease control are lipopeptides, which punch holes in fungal cell membranes to destroy the fungal bodies. Serenade can be applied to canola up to two times from 20-50% flower.

Because Serenade works differently from other fungicides, we want to share these instructions for best results, as provided by Bayer CropScience:

—Use the high label rate.
—Mix product thoroughly prior to adding to sprayer and before application.
—Use 40-50 mesh screens when transferring product from tote to sprayer equipment.
—pH should be between 4.5 and 8.5.
—Tanks should be sprayed out within 24 hours of mixing.
—There are no registered tank mixes, although Bayer says Serenade is compatible with all strobilurins and triazole fungicides.
—Store below 25°C for up to 3 years; Do not freeze.
—Serenade is registered for use by air.
—When using spray nozzle screens finer than 50 mesh, monitor for potential product buildup. This buildup is easily cleaned with water
—Minimum recommended water volumes is 10 US gal/ac. (38 L /ac.)
—Serenade is rainfast as soon as product has dried on the plant.