Issues of the week

Crucifer flea beetle populations are building but they aren't to blame for all damage.
Crucifer flea beetle.

Seeding is progressing well, with many regions complete or near complete. Rain delays in parts of eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba have held up seeding progress.

Crop insurance deadlines are close for Alberta, although some regions have requested an extension. Contact your local office for the latest. Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation deadlines vary by R.M. Call the SCIC toll free customer service line at 1-888-935-0000 or visit the local SCIC office for specifics. In Manitoba, canola area 2 has a deadline of June 10 for full coverage, and canola area 1 has a deadline of June 15 for full coverage.

Warm temperatures and ample moisture mean lots of aggressive weed growth. Take care of weed competition early to limit yield loss. Canola should canopy quickly this year, in which case one in-crop herbicide application is often enough.

Flea beetles also become more active with warmer weather. Take a look at fields shortly after emergence, and keep checking regularly until canola reaches the 4-leaf stage.

Send a tweet to @CanolaWatch and tell us about your flea beetle situation and anything else you notice while scouting. Use the #canola hashtag.