Crop insurance deadlines for canola

Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan, in general, have a lower percentage of canola seeded than other parts of the prairie. Canola seeded June 5 or even June 10 in those regions can still produce a good crop, and crop insurance deadlines reflect that. Here are the deadlines:

Manitoba. The deadline for full coverage for Argentine canola is June 15 for area 1 (south) and June 10 for area 2 (north). The extended seeding period (20% reduced coverage) is June 16-20 for area 1 and June 11-15 for area 2.

Saskatchewan: While the general Saskatchewan Crop Insurance deadline to have crops seeded is June 20, the actual date for canola differs by rural municipality and by variety. For example, at R.M. 459 around Melfort, the deadline for one canola hybrid is June 7 while the deadline for another is June 9. This information is not available on the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) website, so call the toll free customer service line at 1-888-935-0000 or visit the local Crop Insurance office for specifics. SCIC reminds growers canola seeded after the deadline does not automatically qualify for losses due to fall frost. If a fall frost occurs damaging these later seeded crops, SCIC will conduct an area comparison analysing earlier seeded canola to determine if yield-loss coverage will be accepted.
Alberta. AFSC’s recommended seeding date for canola is May 31. Canola seeded later than the recommended seeding date may not qualify for grade loss coverage. Contact the AFSC call centre at or 1-877-899-2372.

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