Early seeded canola slow to emerge

Cold wet conditions have slowed the emergence of canola seeded in early to mid April. Seed treatment insecticide will only protect seedling for 3 to 4 weeks after seeding, so these early seeded crops may not have much seed treatment protection left. When the warmer weather returns, as is forecast later this week, canola still in the seedling stage that was seeded over 3 weeks ago may be at high risk of flea beetle damage. So although the feeding may not be as severe on cooler days, the risk may increase significantly for some fields when warmer weather returns.

If fields are slow to emerge, take a peak and find out why. Look for seeds in non-emerged areas and check their condition. A soft mushy seed is dead — likely from disease — and will not emerge. A hard seed may be dormant or slow growing simply because of cool soils.