Crop and weather update

Peace: Crop is progressing nicely. Rainfall for the week ranged from a couple of tenths to an inch in the east. Crops continue to deteriorate (rotting) in the west. Swathing is about three weeks to a month away.

 Alberta: Warm weather over the past week was needed for crop development however, there are still lots of late crops. Scattered hail fell in north and south central areas. Significant hail damage (as much as 100%) from Barrhead to Vermillion. Crop in the south is about two weeks away from swathing. Drowned out areas in south central Alberta are as high as 15 to 20% in a field based on infrared photos. Alberta Crop Report.

 Saskatchewan: Virtually ideal temperatures last week for canola development. Also conducive to thunderstorms with hail (marble sized hail reported around Saskatoon on Monday night). Hard to find a field in the extreme northwest that does not have some level of hail damage. Swathing is well underway in the southwest and will become general across the rest of the province in a week to two weeks. Latest crops are just finishing flowering. Saskatchewan Crop Report.

 Manitoba: Rainfall amounts ranged from nothing to an inch with some reports of hail. Approximately 10 to 20% of the canola is swathed with the majority ready to cut this week or next. Latest fields still need a month before they are cut. Report of first fields combined in the Beausejour area which were seeded in April and combined 10 days after swathing.