Wild oats going gangbusters

Wild oats are growing quickly in some areas. As with most weeds, early control achieves higher efficacy and often at lower rates, and has the greatest benefit on crop yield potential.

If wild oats are the one problem weed in a Liberty Link canola field, one option is to apply a grassy weed product (Centurion or Select) alone while waiting for emergence of other weeds prior to the Liberty application. But walk the field and take a close look at the weed spectrum before making this decision to ensure that delaying the Liberty application won’t lead to reduced control of other weeds that are present.

For example, a few cleavers that escape control due to their advanced stage can represent a big problem for canola quality at harvest. Also, since all weeds are easier to control early in the season, small broadleaf weeds are best controlled now. If you’re taking the time to spray, putting Liberty in the tank along with the grassy product is probably the most effective and efficient step. Applying the graminicide alone is OK if there really are no broadleaf weeds emerged. But look closely to be sure.