Crop and weather updates:

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Hot, dry weather prevailed last week. Swathing has become general in the earliest and thinnest crops and will become general in other areas within a week or so.

Alberta: Crops in the south and central region look good to excellent. Farmers are cautiously optimistic because crop development is 2-3 weeks behind. Crops are more advanced the further north you go. Heat is needed to help hasten maturity. Read the Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Isolated thundershowers dropped up to a couple of inches of rain in western and eastern regions.  Hail was reported at Wilke. Earliest fields in the western side of the province are a week away from swathing while majority of fields western areas are two weeks behind. Swathing has begun in the east near Weyburn, Chamberlain, and Moose Jaw areas. Fields further north are a week to two weeks away. In northern areas, crops north of Saskatoon are most advanced (earliest fields a week away from swathing) and most productive. Crops in the northeast are at least two weeks behind. Read the Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Hot and humid conditions were common last week.Thundershowers were common in the northwest with hail in the northern part of the Swan River Valley. About 25% of the canola is swathed in the southwest and about 35 to 50% swathed in central and eastern regions. A few of the very earliest, April-seeded fields have been combined. The northwest and north Interlake are generally less advanced with crops at least a week to ten days from swathing. Read the Manitoba crop report.