Tips to get the most out of CleanStart

Canola volunteers are a weed that should be controlled ahead of your canola crop. CleanStart is the only pre-seed burnoff registered for use ahead of canola that can control Roundup Ready volunteers. There has been lot of interest in using Clean Start as a pre-seed burnoff, most likely due to producers pushing rotations. CleanStart is a mix of glyphosate plus group-14 carfentrazone. Carfentrazone is a contact herbicide with photosynthetic inhibitor activity. It is non residual, which means cropping flexibility. Here are tips to get the most out of CleanStart:

—Coverage is critical. Use no less than 10 gallons/acre of water. Use higher water volumes when weeds are dense.
—Weed staging: Smaller is better. You can spray Roundup Ready canola volunteers at the 1-3 leaf stage.
—Spray when conditions are warm, sunny and humid.
—Do not use additives that alter spray water pH. The formulation contains its own compounds to bring spray water to the proper pH for optimum performance.
—Note: Weeds stressed by drought, hot or prolonged cool temperatures (less than 15°C) and poor fertility are more difficult to control as these conditions can affect the leaf surface and minimize movement of the herbicide into the plant.