Crop Development Progressing – Staging Remains Variable

Crop growth and development progressed last week especially in areas that were in need of moisture. The canola crop ranges from rosette stage (for the latest fields that were re-seeded due to frost) to early pod on the earliest seeded fields. Generally the crop is bolting to early flower in most regions. Reports of canola germination continue in areas that received their first post-seeding rainfall recently resulting in a ‘second flush’. Most areas continue to report overall crop development as later (about one to two weeks) than normal. Significant heat for growing degree day accumulation and additional rainfall is needed in many areas to bring crop development up to normal.

The latest crop report from Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture is available at:
The latest crop report from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is available at:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/sdd4191#2009
The following maps show growing degree days accumulating across western Canada this growing season: