Aster Yellows To Appear Later?

Leaf hoppers in relatively high populations have been found south of Red Deer, AB. This insect is not of economic importance in canola but rather may be an indicator that Aster yellows may be prevalent later in the season. Aster yellows is caused by a phytoplasma, a plant pathogenic micro-organism. The phytoplasma is carried from plant to plant by sap-sucking leafhoppers. Infected plants are easily seen because they tend to stand taller, are discoloured and have squashed, bladder pods present. Although highly visible, aster yellows is not usually present on a large enough percentage of plants to cause economic losses. This is partly because even when leafhopper numbers are high the proportion of the leafhopper population carrying the phytoplasma is typically very low. More information on aster yellows is available at the following link: