Canola Watch 2020 exam – Section 3 – Benefits of diversity

This is the third of seven sections for this year’s Canola Watch annual CCA/CCSC exam. By dividing the exam into seven separate sections, we are giving CCAs and CCSCs the opportunity to customize the exam based on credits they need and to take some in 2020 and some in 2021.

CCAs who achieve 70 per cent or better on this section will qualify for 0.5 CEU in Crop Management and 0.5 CEU in Soil & Water Management. CCSCs will get 1 CEU in Crop Management.

Credits will be applied in either 2020 or 2021, depending on when CCAs pass this section. For those who pass, Canola Watch will submit your name and CCA number to the CCA program to have the credits counted.

When writing this self-study exam, note that answers can be found in Canola Watch articles as well as Canola Watch videos, podcasts and Canola Encyclopedia and Canola Digest links from 2020. You can find the Canola Watch Issue Archives as well as the video and podcast libraries under the “Canola Watch” tab at the top of

For questions or additional information on this exam, please contact Jay Whetter at 807-468-4006 or

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