July 23 Quiz

1. The standard sweep net has a 15" (38 cm) diameter. Source: Shelley Barkely, AARDWhat two insects require sweeping netting to match field populations with economic thresholds? Choose two from the list.
2. Diamondback moth larvae at threshold levels are really only a threat if they’re eating _______.
3. When scouting for this insect, you have to shake all canola plants within a determined area (50 cm by 50 cm is an appropriately sized area) and then count how many of these insects you find on the ground.
4. Mystery questionThis is a mystery question. We don't know what this is and are hoping you can help us. Have you seen this before? What is it? Note: You don't have to answer this if you don't have an educated guess. It won't count against your quiz score. (Photo source: Katrina Martfeld)