Be Patient, Wait for Adequate Curing in the Swath

Remember that green seed percentage cannot be lowered once canola seed is in the bin. Therefore, growers must allow enough time to pass while canola is in the swath for chlorophyll to clear the seeds prior to combining. If ideal conditions exist, canola can be combined with good quality after lying in the swath for as little as 10 to 14 days, though this time frame is not allowing for adequate curing in some areas this year. Several factors affect the time it takes for the seed in the swath to cure (e.g. seed colour change at time of swathing, weather conditions post-swathing, variety, etc.). A crop swathed too early (before 60% seed colour change) may require more curing time in the swath especially if hot, dry conditions occur. Moisture (heavy dew or rainfall) post-swathing helps speed up the curing process. If hot, dry conditions prevail it may take as long as three weeks or longer for canola to cure properly.