Label update for lambda-cyhalothrin removes feed use

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s (PMRA) re-evaluation decision regarding lambda-cyhalothrin (e.g., Matador, Silencer, LaBamba, etc.) came into force on April 29, 2023.

The updated label for lambda-cyhalothrin indicates that crops treated with lambda-cyhalothrin cannot be used as livestock feed in Canada. This includes any harvested grain, seed screenings, meal, by-products or aftermath. As any crop entering the grain handling system is eligible for use as livestock feed, this poses a risk of becoming an off-label use.

Keep it Clean provides the following tips to help keep your crops market-ready, including:

  • Use Acceptable Pesticides Only
  • Always Read and Follow the Label
  • Deliver What You Declare

What is the Canola Council’s advice regarding the use of lambda-cyhalothrin products for canola this growing season? Unless a grower is certain that their canola will be utilized solely for export or human consumption, they may encounter challenges remaining compliant with label directions when marketing a lambda-cyhalothrin-treated crop this growing season. The advice to growers is to seek certainty regarding the use of their harvested canola, and if they can receive assurance that it will be used solely for export or human consumption, then they will be compliant with label directions. However, in the absence of that certainty, and if there is a possibility that some of that canola or its screening and aftermath will find its way into the domestic livestock feed market, at this time and until this issue gets addressed and resolved, we are advising growers to use alternative products that are on the market to help them address insect pest pressure they may face. See the FAQ below for more resources to manage common pests in canola.

Are there alternatives to lambda-cyhalothrin for controlling pests in canola? Yes. For other foliar options for insect pest control in canola, please refer to the provincial crop protection guides for Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, or the following Canola Encyclopedia resources to manage:

A comprehensive resource on insecticide options for canola, cereals and pulse crops is also available in this collaborative publication from SaskCanola, SaskBarley, Sask Pulse Growers and SaskWheat developed for the 2023 growing season. For questions or additional information, please reach out to your local Canola Council of Canada agronomist.

Is lambda-cyhalothrin still on the market in Western Canada? Yes, lambda-cyhalothrin is on the market in 2024.

Who do I contact with further questions? Please reach out to Ian Epp –