QUIZ – Pre-seed burnoff, May version

Three new questions on pre-seed burnoff with info on effective tank mixes, dust and target weeds. Canola success depends on effective early weed control.

1. With pre-seed burnoff, use a herbicide tank mix with products that work on the target weed. This is a bigger challenge with kochia. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers have confirmed kochia resistance to which four herbicide groups?
2. Dust on weed leaves is a particular issue for which pre-seed burnoff herbicide?
3. Early weed control is important for canola profitability, and pre-seed burnoff is a good way to remove perennial and winter annuals weeds taking up moisture and nutrients. The article "Pre-Seed Burnoff: Tips for best results" lists four specific weeds to watch for in fields going into canola. Three are kochia, cleavers and flixweed. What is the fourth?